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OSHA's Guide to Loading Bottled Water

Potential Hazard:

Loading bottled water onto water coolers exposes employees to several risks. A bottle weighs approximately 48 pounds. To load a bottle, the employee must lift it up, over and onto the water cooler (while trying to avoid spilling the bottle). This is an awkward task that places strain on the employee's back, shoulders, arms and legs (Fig. 1-2). Another hazard is that employees may slip and fall as a result of spilled water.

Fig. 1

Fig. 2

Possible Solution:

Provide a bottled water install (Fig 3-6). The battery operated, rechargeable machine transports, lifts and loads five gallon bottles. The machine handles the transporting, lifting and loading of the bottles, thus eliminating exposure to heavy lifting and water spillage.

Fig. 3 - wheel machine to bottle storage area and tilt bottle onto cradle

Fig. 4 - close-up of bottle being tilted onto cradle

Fig. 5 - place straps around bottle and close buckle

Fig. 6 - place stopper over bottle opening

Fig. 7 - wheel bottle in front of cooler

Fig. 8 - press load button

Fig. 9 - machine begins tilting bottle up

Fig. 10 - machine flips the bottle as it reaches the top

Fig. 11 - bottle is about to be loaded onto cooler

Fig. 12 - stopper arm moves away just as water is loaded

Fig. 13 - bottle is safely loaded onto water cooler

Fig. 14 - release buckle and wheel away from cooler

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