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Water Filtration

The Aero Purification Process

Pre-Treatment Process

• Raw water used for purification comes from an approved source. City of Lodi is the supplier.
• Raw water is filtered through a 5 micron pre filter.
• Water is then passed through an activated carbon bed filter.
• Filtered water then is passed through 3 ion exchange beds.
• Pre treated water is filtered again through a 5 micron filter.

Purification Process

• Our Reverse Osmosis Machine and Water Distiller take pre treated water with an approximate total dissolved solid count of 200 PPM and reduces that count to 2 to 3 PPM. This is a reduction in contaminants of approximately 99%.
• The purified product is now pumped into large storage tanks.

Delivery Process

• Purified product is pumped through an ultraviolet disinfection unit and into the delivery trucks.
• Trucks transport product to customer's location and pump off into customer's containers.
• When the product is pumped from the truck it is ozonated. This ozone treatment insures that product is completely sanitary. This process also sanitizes the tank that the product is being pumped into.

Sanitation Process

• Aero Pure Water adheres to all of the good manufacturing practices outlined by the State of California and maintains current licenses required to operate this type of business.
omer’s location. Immediately prior to the water being dispensed it is run through a final post filter unit ensuring the water is completely purified.

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