Typical Residential Installation Components

Storage Reservoir sized to fit your need
Dedicated Pure Water faucet installed at your sink
Pure Water plumbed to your Ice Maker and/or Refrigerator Water Dispenser

Typical Residential Installation Scenario

A storage reservoir sized for anticipated water usage is placed in an out-of-the-way area and will provide enough pure water to las a full month. The reservoir has an integral electric pump which requires a nearby electrical outlet.

A dedicated water line will be run from the pump to any or all of the following locations for convenient access to pure water.

  • Dedicated pure water faucet installed at your sink
  • Refrigerator Ice Maker and / or Water dispenser
  • Dedicated pure water faucet installed directly at the reservoir.

A State of the Art pure water delivery truck with one of our amazing drivers will visit your home once a month to fill your reservoir with Aero Pure Water.

Watch Below to See a Video of a typical Residential Install Solution

The video below illustrates how we install and deliver water to your residential location.